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Orangery Style Conservatories are a new design of conservatory which has recently entered the market – a design which maintains the ease of construction of a standard UPVC conservatory but which attempts to replicate some of the traditional features of a Victorian or Edwardian Orangery.


Orangery Style Conservatories are based on the Edwardian Conservatories design products by Synseal’s Global Summer.

Global Summer are designed to enhance the appearance of a standard Edwardian style conservatory without adding much in the way of complexity of build or overall cost.

Aluminium gutter and fascia cladding system conceals the ends of the glazing bars and an internal Orangery style soffit or pelmet.


Orangery Style Conservatories provide the appearance of a traditionally built Orangery without the need for expensive parapet walls, flat roof sections and complex lantern roof structures.

Decorative corner post and window mullion covers are also available which add to the Orangery style of this type of conservatory.

The addition of an internal soffit or pelmet gives a more authentic Orangery look whilst providing an opportunity to incorporate down lighters or speakers with hidden wiring into the shelf-like structure.

Two internal height options are available and in some cases a retro-fit option is also available.

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There are a number of conservatory roof companies which manufacture well engineered and well-designed conservatory roofs but at Just a Quote we tend to work with just a handful of them.

We can go into much more detail during a survey but you can guarantee that all of the companies we deal with will have taken into consideration that in the United Kingdom most Orangery Style Conservatories, during their first ten years will have had to cope with almost 30 feet of rainwater, 200 days of snow, and 3,650 days of temperatures ranging from 10º or 15º below freezing to, well at least sometimes, a hotter than average 35º.

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Conservatory designers also take into account the aspect of Orangery Style Conservatories as a north facing conservatory may need more insulation whereas a south facing conservatory will probably need more ventilation.

Additional protection from the conservatory overheating can be designed in, by recommending heat reflective polycarbonate or anti-sun glass in the roof. The intention is to ensure that all conservatories and orangeries are designed to be usable throughout the whole of the year.

3D Design

See how your ideal Orangeries design will look integrated to your home with our bespoke 3d software.

Easy Clean & Solar control glass

Everyone loves the look and feel of glass, ask any architect. Yet, for many years standard glass units in Orangeries have proven to be ineffective in keeping excessive heat out in the summer months and keeping the warmth in during the colder winter months.

Thanks to the latest modern technology, Pilkington Performance Glass has been specifically developed for use in Orangeries to ensure all year round enjoyment.

There are two types of glass that bear the Pilkington name, Pilkington Actic and Activ +. Orangeries homeowners throughout Hinckley & Nuneaton area are already beginning to enjoy the benefits of Pilkington active.

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