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Aluminium windows are known for their durable quality. They also have a great flexibility in design, which means that they can be used for anything from casement windows.

There are advantages for aluminium windows over PVC, as the material offers the customer durablewindows with greater strength. Aluminium windows are also not difficult to maintain.

Aluminium double glazing can be supplied in many colours and are, arguably, more pleasing to look at than those made with PVC. Because of its strength, aluminium is also not so easily damaged, and it is a good material to use in the construction of large buildings.

Are Aluminium Windows More Expensive than UPVC Double Glazing?

PVC windows may seem cheaper, but in the long run this will not necessarily prove to be the case, because aluminium windows and doors will normally last longer. There have been improvements to aluminium double glazing products that have successfully tackled issues such as thermal insulation, and the advantages of aluminium double glazing over PVC gets stronger with each passing year.


There is also the opportunity, with aluminium windows, to have different colours on the inside and outside. This is not to everyone’s taste, but it is another example of how flexible aluminium double glazing can be. The way that aluminium can be used in this way is a big plus when shown against the often uniformity of white double glazed windows .

Why PVC Outsells Aluminium Double Glazing

One failure that has affected the sales of aluminium double glazing has simply been marketing. This can be down to companies being happy to stick with PVC designs, and being unwilling to take a chance on using aluminium double glazing . The case can be argued that the positives of using aluminium windows have not been emphasized enough by companies making them.

Aluminium should not be considered the cold material it once was either. There are now aluminium windows available that have a painted wood effect, and which look remarkably like the real thing. There will still be negative attitudes towards aluminium double glazing and doors based on past failings, but these failings have pretty much been rectified in the 21st Century.


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