UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Versatile, Low Maintenance Tilt & Turn Windows in Hinckley & Nuneaton
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A window system specifically designed to maximise the glazing area, enabling larger than normal apertures which aid cleaning as they can be fully opened inwards. As well as this practical feature, UPVC tilt & turn windows can provide excellent background ventilation when located in the tilt position.

All of our UPVC tilt & turn windows are fitted with security wrap around which ensures that there are multiple locking points on more than one side. These locate into specially designed keeps, which not only improve the security of the window but also aid compression and help draught proof the windows.

Many customers choose to use this type of window in conservatories as the glazing area can be maximised to give clear unobstructed views without the need for transom bars.

UPVC tilt & turn windows are also ideal for creating an extra egress point to the upstairs of properties, giving you a clear and easy escape route in the event of a fire. Alternatively you could choose UPVC windows.

Colours and finishes

A comprehensive range of solid colour and natural wood effect foils are available across our product range.

Foils allow you to further bespoke the look of a home and create that bespoke look. Furthermore, all our foils are supplied on 100% calcium organic material and applied using our eco friendly process.

All foils are also available in two options: Foil on the outside and white on the inside or alternatively foil both internally and externally, the choice is yours.

All foiled using Eco Friendly lamination, without the use of hazardous solvents.

Woodgrain on white achieves the look of traditional hardwood frames on the outside and brilliant white frames on the inside.

Not only do we offer an extensive range of solid and woodgrain colour options to offer our customers more choice, all of our foil finishes are supplied on lead-free profile and are laminated using Eco-Friendly methods to comply with European Legislation.



Our standard UPVC tilt & turn windows are available in the following finishes:

  • Standard white
  • White woodgrain exterior, white interior
  • Golden oak woodgrain exterior, caramel or white interior
  • Rosewood woodgrain exterior, brown or white interior
  • Black woodgrain exterior, white interior
  • Anthracite grey woodgrain exterior, white interior
  • Irish oak woodgrain exterior, white interior
  • Cream woodgrain exterior and interior
  • Chartwell green exterior and interior

Certass are an approved government body, that deal with the building control certification for replacement windows and doors. By being a member, we are allowed to ‘self-certify’, that the new UPVC tilt & turn windows we are fitting into your home, comply with the latest building regulations. Once we have completed the work, Certass will send you a certificate, certifying that your new UPVC tilt & turn windows comply. This certificate is very important, as it is required if you sell your home these days.

All my UPVC tilt & turn windows come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, which underwrites my personal guarantee, and ensures you and your new UPVC tilt & turn windows are covered. This is not always a standard thing offered by companies, but we incude it with every UPVC tilt & turn windows we install, for customer peace of mind.

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