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Orangery in Hinckley, Nuneaton & Surrounding Areas.

Orangeries in Hinckley, Nuneaton & surrounding areas are the new conservatory, they were first grand affairs built for stately homes to house exotic plants. Now they are the must have new conservatory style with their lantern style glass roofs they can be added to any home creating classic appeal and style, the real wow factor.

As orangeries provide the ideal compromise between a standard extension and a conservatory, we have recently seen a significant growth in popularity. With their glazed roofs, orangeries remain cosy and inviting all year round, whilst the glass ceilings create wonderfully light and airy spaces.

Customers are taking advantage of the unique living opportunities provided by a modern orangery rather than opting for a bespoke conservatory or traditional brick extension. All our work is carried out by professional fitters and glaziers and comes with a 10 Year Guarantee.


3D Design

See how your ideal Orangery design will look integrated to your home with our bespoke 3d software.

Easy Clean & Solar Control Glass

Everyone loves the look and feel of glass, ask any architect. Yet, for many years standard glass units in Orangeries have proven to be ineffective in keeping excessive heat out in the summer months and keeping the warmth in during the colder winter months.

Thanks to the latest modern technology, Pilkington Performance Glass has been specifically developed for use in Orangeries to ensure all year round enjoyment. There are two types of glass that bear the Pilkington name, Pilkington Activ and Activ+.

Orangery homeowners throughout Hinckley & Nuneaton area are already beginning to enjoy the benefits of Pilkington Activ.

Need planning permission? If you would like to view the current regulations please visit . In any case, do not worry – our representatives understand the current rules and regulations and will help you make any application that is required.


  • GOA Qualifications Level 2 NVQ in Fenestration Installations & Surveying
  • Certass Glazing Scheme
  • The Guild of Master Craftsmen
  • Federation of Master Builders Associations
  • TrustATrader
  • GQA Qualification

Durability, design versatility and installation ease are among the many reasons ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is the most popular material for both new roofing applications.

Certass are an approved government body, that deal with the building control certification for Orangeries . By being a member, we are allowed to ‘self-certify’, that the new orangeries we are fitting into your home, comply with the latest building regulations. Once we have completed the work, Certass will send you a certificate, certifying that your new orangeries comply. This certificate is very important, as it is required if you sell your home these days.

All my orangeries come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, which underwrites my personal guarantee, and ensures you and your new orangeries are covered.

This is not always a standard thing offered by companies, but we incude it with every window and door we install, for customer peace of mind.

Garden Rooms

When investing in a garden rooms, garden shed, summerhouse or other type of garden building, regardless of its value, to maximise the life of it, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what the actual building is going to stand on once it is in your garden There are only two viable options for the base: paving slabs or concrete..

Why Timber-Frame for Garden Rooms ?

Timber-frame buildings have a higher suitability to colder climates, such as the UK’s. They are more energy-efficient than other construction materials providing a comfortable temperature year-round and saving money on further insulation and heating costs.On average timber-frame builds take 20% less construction time[1], than their brick counterparts, saving on labouring costs and causing less disruption to the local area.

Garden Rooms 2

Red Cedar wood Exterior Timber Cladding
red cedar wood is one of the most desired external timber claddings due to its rich and variable colours, high resistance to decay, durability and natural preservatives. The exterior  red cedar timber cladding compliments most environments, is 100% maintenance free and has a typical life span of 40-50 years.



Insulation is good in winter & summer for Garden Rooms.

Garden Rooms 3

Everybody thinks that insulation is all about keeping warm in winter but forget that it also helps keep you cool in summer – warm air wants to travel to cooler areas so if it’s hot outside the warm air will want to travel to the cooler air inside your garden rooms, a well insulated garden rooms will minimise this transition so your garden rooms will be a cool and comfortable on a hot summers day

Waterproof Breathable Membrane 
The timber walls are wrapped in an insulated waterproof breathing membrane. This breathing membrane acts like a one way valve and allows natural moisture to escape out of the building.

Durability, design versatility and installation ease are among the many reasons ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is the most popular material for both new  roofing applications.

First they remain one of the slimmest bi-folding doors in the market today. M&A Home bi-folding doors offer some of the slimmest sight lines .doors sets can be made to replace entire walls if needed to maximise the opening doors are internally beaded to all external doors and panels .The hardware forms a main part of any Bi-folds doors given the function the door has to perform and the way it opens, folds and slides.M&A Home bi-folding doors offer 4 Stainless steel wheels for smooth operation.

M&A fitters, Garden Rooms

M&A fitters are brothers Michael & Ashley who also own the company & have many years experience in Double Glazing & garden rooms fitting industry. M&a & garden rooms come highly recommended from many customer & retail shops in Hinckley & are known to many retailers in Hinckley & Leicestershire, where they source the very best garden rooms to ensure a quality, long lasting garden room installation.