UPVC Windows Guide

UPVC Windows Guide



All foiled using Eco Friendly lamination, without the use of hazardous solvents.

Woodgrain on white achieves the look of traditional hardwood frames on the outside and brilliant white frames on the inside.

Not only do we offer an extensive range of solid and woodgrain colour options to offer our customers more choice, all of our foil finishes are supplied on lead-free profile and are laminated using Eco-Friendly methods to comply with European Legislation.

Colours and finishes    
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You’ve probably seen and heard a lot about UPVC windows in recent years and if you take a look around your local area, you will see that there are more homes with than without the sleek white moulded frames. in hinckley
UPVC stands for unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, and is the main material for conservatories, doors, and roofline products. However, despite its various uses, windows remain the number one product for UPVC. As a leading supplier of double glazed windows,provides its customers with a wide range of UPVC frames that offer host of benefits, including:
UPVC Windows Guide

Great aesthetics

The look of a window is one of its most important features, and with UPVC double-glazing, style is something that can be guaranteed. UPVC windows are completely resistant to rotting, warping, and splitting, allowing them to maintain their good looks for many years. With fully sculptured and bevelled frames, windows can transform the appearance of your home exterior.
Minimal maintenance

Sanding, painting and varnishing – all things that are common requirements with wooden windows frames – are not applicable with UPVC. In fact, hardly any maintenance is needed at all to keep UPVC looking good, just a simple rub down with soapy water.
Exceptional strength

UPVC windows are manufactured to offer superior strength and rigidity, greatly improving home security. On the subject of security, all windows also come fitted with the latest locking systems to give you peace of mind that your windows are safe from intrusion.
Energy Efficiency

UPVC windows feature two sheets of glass separated by an insulated layer of air; this makes windows extremely energy efficient, keeping warm air in and cold air out.
Reduced noise

By installinghttp://maimprove.co.uk

UPVC windows in your home, the volume of outside noise will be greatly reduced – a benefit that will be particularly rewarding if you live close to a road or school.

All of our windows come with a 10-year guarantee, but can be expected to last well beyond that length of time without ever deteriorating.
Fire safety

UPVC is a non-toxic material that is designed to be difficult to ignite and stop burning once the source of the fire is removed.
Environmentally friendly

By keeping rooms warmer for longer, UPVC reduces the amount of heat that escapes from the home. The direct result of this is less CO2 being pumped into the earth’s atmosphere and a lower carbon footprint.
UPVC windows are designed to benefit your home and your lifestyle, making them the ultimate long-term home improvement investment.For more information or for a FREE quote, contact us today by clicking here.