Casement Window Handles hinckley & nuneaton

Casement Window Handles hinckley & nuneaton


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These window handles are used on most UPVC and timber double glazing windows these days and they are designed to turn a series of locks around the window. This type of ‘multi-point’ locking system is used in various forms on new and older windows and the basis of their design is a spindle that protrudes from the handle into the multi-point lock gearbox inside the window. This square spindle operates the gearbox which in turn drives the movement of the locks around the window to engage them and dis-engage them with the handle turn. These window handles have spindles that can be various lengths, as over the years different frame designs have entered the market from different manufacturers.To replace handles with spindles is easy enough, just unscrew the two fixings holding the fitting to the window. One screw is under the lever and the other is under a cap which can be easily prised off. Measure the length of the protruding spindle and order the style of double glazing window handles of your choice.

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