Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage Conversion Ideas – How would you convert your garage?

Converting your garage from an unused storage room into a functional space is a lot less expensive than building a new extension, and it is an easy way to boost your property’s overall value. Whether you need a second living room or a home gym, your garage can be transformed into almost any type of space with a little effort and a lot of creativity. Get inspired with the simple garage conversion ideas below to come up with your own design plan at a price you can afford.

Garage Conversion Ideas Leicester

1. Extra Bedroom
Doing a bedroom garage conversion can instantly make your house more spacious for you and more desirable to future buyers. Since bedrooms need to be designed based on specific local guidelines, check the building codes in your area to make sure that you can legally build a bedroom in your garage.

2. Home Theater Room
Building a real home theater room with a surround sound system and a big screen is one of the best garage conversion ideas for people who love the movie theater experience. To complete the look, decorate with a popcorn machine, theater lounge chairs and vintage posters.

3. Recreation Room
If you have a large family or love to entertain guests, a garage conversion into a game room can be just what you need to give your downtime a little edge. Since you are dealing with a limited space, take some measurements to figure out what types of games and sporting equipment you can get. Poker and pool tables are especially popular among adults. Children love board games, foosball and table tennis.

While all of the above ideas can be tweaked to fit your budget, get a garage conversion quotation if you are worried about going over your price range. In addition to adding up the cost of buying furniture and materials, find out if your garage needs any structural repairs before it can be used as a liveable space. Your garage conversion quotation might be significantly higher if repairs are involved, so it is important to evaluate the space for signs of damage before you get started.