Integrated Blinds

Integrated Blinds

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Integrated Blinds, venetian style blinds within the sealed unit
We offer integrated blinds for our bifolding doors. Venetian style blinds that are actually installed INSIDE the double glazed sealed unit – between the two sheets of glass. These impressive looking blinds never require cleaning, allow you your privacy and shield furnishings eyes and delicate skin from the suns rays. Perfect for reducing the glare on the TV in a conservatory.

The advantage of having your blinds incorporated into your sealed units is that they don’t require the constant dusting and maintenance associated with conventional blinds. Integral blinds allows a room to have both privacy and protection from bright sun light, without obscuring your view, while still allowing light into a living or working space.

The aluminium blades can be raised, lowered and tilted to effectively diffuse the light and obscure the vision of prying eyes. If you don’t want opaque glass that will constantly impair your view, then these blinds are for you!

Blinds Features
Venetian style blinds with high quality 13mm aluminium blades (slats).
All units are made to measure – can be installed into new or existing door systems.
No unsightly cords – giving clean lines and anti-ligature aspects.
Operated using magnetic push blocks – providing raise, lower and tilt functionality.
Available in a large range of colours… Read More »
Ease of installation – no wiring as magnetic, and already installed within the sealed unit.
Can be fitted into windows and doors as large as 2.4 metres high and 1 metres wide. (28mm sealed units up to 2.2 metres high)
For doors as large as 3 metres high and 1 metres wide, tilt only blinds can be fitted.
Dust and germ free – ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.
Maintenance free – never needs cleaning or dusting.
There is no need for conventional blinds nets or curtains, which limit access to your window or doors and clutter your window cills.
Pristine appearance at all times. Protected from physical and wind damage by being encapsulated within the sealed unit.
Materials used are specially designed for use inside of the sealed units – i.e. they will not ‘fog’ the unit.
10 Year Guarantee.