UPVC Casement Sliding Sash Windows

UPVC Casement Sliding Sash Windows

Casement Sliding Sash Windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to your specification, but choosing the right style is a little trickier. To help you make your choice, we compare the features and advantages of two of the most common window styles on the market: Casement Windows and Sliding Sash Windows.
Advantages of a Casement Window
Features of Casement Windows

You can also opt for ‘A’ rated  windows which offer the maximum energy savings possible. Our windows are not just energy efficient and virtually maintenance free, but also much more secure and quieter than timber framed windows .Casement Sliding Sash Windows

UPVC windows are the perfect replacement for timber windows which regularly require painting to prevent them from rotting. Using the latest in double glazing technology our replacement windows offer fantastic insulation helping you save money on your energy bills.  Instant online prices available   get your quote for UPVC windows & bay windows in less than 60 seconds. by clicking here.

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Casement windows are attached by two or more hinges at the side. They can open inwards or outwards, but more often they open outwards. They may have a ‘friction hinge’ or ‘stay’ to hold the window in place when it’s open. This is handy on windy days!
Casement windows can be singular or in pairs sharing a frame. The glass may be plain or can have the appearance of leaded glass: i.e. panels of glass held together with lead strips, creating a criss-cross pattern, or with a Georgian bar pattern.

we will always quote A’ Rated specification unless otherwise requested.alternatively you could choose Triple glazing

These windows are safe to open in the wind because there is a safety catch holding them in place. Inward opening casement windows can be fitted in areas with very windy weather as an extra precaution.
You can create lots of different looks with a casement window. They can be purchased in a choice of frames, which means they can suit more homes and tastes and they are available in plain, leaded glass, or Georgian style.
These windows are suitable for modern developments, refurbishment, or the replacement of existing casement windows.
They’re very secure because the lock is embedded within the frame, making them difficult to break into.
Want to save money by insulating your home? Casement windows are very energy efficient and are second only to fixed-pane windows in terms of energy efficiency.
These windows offer excellent ventilation to homes because they open outwards, allowing air and light in from the top, the bottom and either side. In fact, this type of window can open the widest compared with all others.

All foiled using Eco Friendly lamination, without the use of hazardous solvents.

Woodgrain on white achieves the look of traditional hardwood frames on the outside and brilliant white frames on the inside.

Not only do we offer an extensive range of solid and woodgrain colour options to offer our customers more choice, all of our foil finishes are supplied on lead-free profile and are laminated using Eco-Friendly methods to comply with European Legislation.

Colours and finishes    click the image below

colour chart (1) (1)

Our standard UPVC casement windows are available in the following finishes:

Standard white;
White woodgrain exterior, white interior;
Golden oak woodgrain exterior, caramel or white interior;
Rosewood woodgrain exterior, brown or white interior.

Black woodgrain exterior, white interior
Anthracite grey woodgrain exterior, white interior
Irish oak woodgrain exterior, white interior
Cream woodgrain exterior and interior

Chartwell green exterior and interior



All our work is carried out by professional fitters and glaziers and comes with a 10 Year Gaurantee.

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Sliding Sash WindowSliding box Sash Window

Many houses in Britain still retain their original wooden sliding box sash windows, for those customers who are trying to maintain the traditional appearance of their homes we are able to offer a UPVC vertical sliding window, which although looks similar will out perform the older traditional sash box windows. Instant online prices available   get your quote for  UPVC vertical sliding window   in less than 60 seconds. by  clicking here.

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An authentic appearance, which can be enhanced by optional decorative horns, reflects the elegant looks of the original window, whilst incorporating high levels of performance and durability.

The modern day UPVC sliding windows will not warp or twist, do not need painting and with just a small amount of care will give you years of smooth and reliable use.

Our vertical slider range offers the very latest in energy efficiency, security, low maintenance and ease of use making it a perfect choice for the discerning homeowner.alternatively you could choose UPVC windows

Features of Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are not attached with by hinge. Instead they slide open – either up or down, or side to side.
Original sliding sash windows are a really strong selling point of many period properties. They’re one of those features like ‘original fireplace’ that get homebuyers really excited. However, original sliding sash windows can be expensive to maintain and repair and if they’re single glazed, they’re less energy efficient.
We recommend replacing older and damaged sliding sash windows with newer ones, in a material that’s sympathetic to the building’s materials.
They’re attractive and can make your home appear more beautiful and more valuable.
These windows are useful in period properties when casement windows may be considered too modern. Sliding Sash Windows are available in PVCu
They are suitable for period developments, refurbishment, or the replacement of existing sliding sash windows.
You can choose how much to open the window by sliding. This means you can have it open just a tiny little bit if you just want to keep some air flowing through the room, or keep the  weather out!
These windows are easy to open.