French doors is how much do they cost?

French doors is how much do they cost?


One of the most commonly asked questions about French doors is how much do they cost?

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There are a variety of factors which affect the cost of double glazed French doors including the following:

  • Material e.g. UPVC, Timber, Aluminium etc.
  • Size
  • Style and Design
  • Glass
  • Security Locking Options
  • Installation or supply only
  • UPVC French Doors have a ‘double handle set’ so that both doors open without the need for undoing bolts and catches.Our doors have adjustable locking system that keeps the doors  into the frame when closed. If the opening that you plan to put the new doors into is above 1.8 meters, it would be advisable to fit side panels.
  • white UPVC french doors

French doors are available in a range of different materials such as UPVC, Wood and Aluminium. The following sections outline the advantages and disadvantages of each material in order to determine the different cost implications for French doors.

UPVC French doors are the most competitively priced of all French door materials. This is due to the fact that they cost less to produce from the manufacturers since unlike aluminium or timber / wood; they are not made from a precious metal or raw material.

UPVC French doors are available in a wide range of colours including wood grain effects giving the appearance of wood in a variety of foils such as rose wood, golden oak, dark mahogany amongst others. The benefit here is that you can have French doors which look just like wood at a fraction of the cost of traditional timber French doors. However, due to the manufacturing process, UPVC wooden effect French doors are more expensive than white UPVC which is the standard colour.

colour chart (1) (1)double-glazing

french door

There are many other benefits with UPVC French doors over their wooden counterparts in terms of a lack of on-going maintenance costs. For instance, they are very low maintenance since UPVC never rots, rusts, flakes and therefore they just require a quick wipe with a damp cloth from time to time. Therefore, the on-going cost of UPVC is far less than wooden French Doors which require constant maintenance and attention over their life-span. Aluminium on the other hand, also does not require a lot of costly maintenance.

Wooden French doors are attractive and can be made from the finest quality hardwood. They provide a traditional look which can add value to any property. However there are a number of disadvantages with woodas a material.

They are more expensive than UPVC due to the cost of materials and unlike UPVC require a lot of on-going maintenance such as sanding, varnishing, painting and priming. This can be a costly investment of both money and time.

Wooden French doors do not offer the same level of thermal efficiency and sound insulation compared to aluminium and UPVC. Also there is a big potential for repairs as well as maintenance with wooden French doors. For example, moisture which is absorbed can tend to produce rotting or warping. It is also likely that paint will chip and peel.

Grey aluminium french doors-

Aluminium is fast becoming a popular option for the modern property both for commercial and residential markets. Aluminium French doors have a slim profile and are available in a vast range of RAL colours. Unlike wood, they do not require constant maintenance due to their robust build and powder coated finish.

Aluminium is also available in A, B, C energy ratings just like UPVC and therefore offers value for money in regard to thermal efficiency and savings on energy bills in the long run. Aluminium is also a very strong and robust material which will not decay or warp over time.

However, the drawback with Aluminium  French door is the upfront cost since they made from a previous metal. This is far higher than UPVC and usually more than wood (depending on the exact wooden material used). Aluminium paint may also scratch or chip with time which can look unattractive.

Most French door sizes range from 1050 – 1950 (mm) wide and tend to be around 1800 – 2150 (mm) high. However it is possible to make a range of door sizes and some people tend to use side panels or windows in order to fill extra space where the aperture is particularly wide. This can lend to a balanced look and feel. Of course the larger the set of French doors, the more they cost.

French Doors come with toughened glass as standard in order to meet current building regulations. It is uncommon for people to change the type of glass from clear however it is possible to order specific obscured glass designs if required. French doors are available with different glass options such as diamond leads or Georgian bars to match the style of the property where required.French doors are available in a range of styles and designs. There are many different styles to choose from including the addition of panels (plain and moulded panels), mid-rails and also different colour options, particularly with UPVC and aluminium products although it is of course possible to pain wood in any colour. White UPVC is by far the most economical choice in terms of colour and design.  High security locking systems are available on all types of French door and tend to differ depending on the material of the French doors and the manufacturer of that product. High security locking systems cost a little more up front but can help reduce house insurance as well as protecting far more expensive belongings as well as loved ones which are priceless. Therefore it is a sensible decision to pay a little more upfront for this extra peace of mind.