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Lantern Roofs Hinckley & Nuneaton

Lantern roofs are often used for gaining light and space to a flat roof extension. They are a perfect addition to bifold doors creating a large mass of glass across the back of your home.

Many glazing options are available to suit any application. The most popular is Pilkington Activ Blue self cleaning glass, it has a wonderful blue tint to brighten up any day as well as a self cleaning coating which is perfect for a hard to reach lantern roof. Our glass has amazing thermal properties that will keep the heat in during winter months and reflect the sunlight in hot weather.

Easy Clean & Solar control glass

Everyone loves the look and feel of glass, ask any architect. Yet, for many years standard glass units in conservatories have proven to be ineffective in keeping excessive heat out in the summer months and keeping the warmth in during the colder winter months.

Thanks to the latest modern technology, Pilkington Performance Glass has been specifically developed for use in conservatories to ensure all year round enjoyment. There are two types of glass that bear the Pilkington name, Pilkington Actic and Activ +.

Homeowners throughout the UK are already beginning to enjoy the benefits of Pilkington Activ+.